Type of feat
Turn Undead, Power Attack, Cha 13+, Str 13+
Required for

The character may spend one of his turn undead attempts to add his Charisma bonus to his armor class for a number of rounds equal to the Charisma bonus.


Gameplay Notes Edit

The armor class bonus is dodge AC, making it very useful for an enchanted warrior who already has heavy armor and other enchantments, since it can stack.

This feat is particularly useful for high CHA characters, especially weaker ones such as Sorcerers, though four paladin or three blackguard levels must be taken instead of spellcasting ones to achieve it. The fact that Divine Grace is also gained at paladin/blackguard level 2 offsets this somewhat.

Notes Edit

  • This feat cannot be selected unless the character is leveling up as a class that has Turn Undead as a class feature. For example a multiclass Spirit Shaman and Cleric will not have the feat will available when leveling as a Spirit Shaman, even if all the prerequisites are met.