Type of feat
Int 13+
Required for
Improved Disarm

The character can perform a disarm maneuver that does no damage, provokes an attack of opportunity, but potentially renders the target unarmed. The attempt is resolved using an opposed roll.

The attacker's disarm roll is:

(attacker's AB corresponding to his highest AB attack) + 4*(attacker's size modifier) + 4*(size of attacker's weapon) +1D20

The defender's roll is:

(defender's AB corresponding to his highest AB attack) + 4*(defender's size modifier) + 4*(size of defender's weapon) +1D20

If the attacker meets or beats the defender's roll, the defender's main hand weapon is disarmed. If the attacker's main (right) hand is empty, the weapon will be transferred to the inventory of the attacker (the attacker's weapon size in this case is the same as his creature size). Otherwise, the disarmed weapon will end up on the ground.

If the target's weapon is not droppable, it will be destroyed if the target is disarmed. By default, creatures created in the toolset are not disarmable, they must be set to be disarmable in the toolset.

Selected. A disarm attempt provokes an attack of opportunity.
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