Disable device allows you to attempt to disable dangerous devices such as traps.

Modifying ability: Intelligence

Classes: Rogue; Arcane trickster, Assassin, Shadow Thief of Amn

Requires training: Yes

Check: Disable device is primarily for disabling traps a player will encounter. The DC depends on how tricky the device is. If the check succeeds, you disable the device. Most of the time if you fail a check you can try again, but if you fail critically, the trap is set off.

Special: Only rogues can disable traps with DCs of 20 and above. 5 or more ranks in set trap give a 2 synergy bonus on checks for this skill.

Use: Selected

Skill Check Details[]

There are four progressively difficult actions that a character may perform on a trap; base DC is determined by the difficulty rating of the trap, modified by the action being performed.

  • Assessing a trap to determine its difficulty only is -7 DC (does not assist Disarming or Recovering)
  • Flagging a trap to make it visible to the rest of the party modifies the DC by -5 (this is not implemented in NWN2 GUI, although technically it is possible).
  • Disarming a trap has no effect on the trap DC.
  • Recovering a trap raises the trap DC by +10.

Spectacular Failure: When disarming or recovering a trap, a spectacular failure results in the trap immediately going off. Spectacular Failure in this case means failing the DC by 5 or more. The success chance for disabling/recovering a trap can be calculated by assessing the trap first. Assessing the trap reduces the DC by 7, while recovering the trap increases the DC by 10, and the lowest the rogue can roll is 1, which means there is a 0% chance for a Recover Trap Spectacular Failure if (Rogue Disable Device skill-12)>=Trap Assess DC. For example, a rogue with a Disable Device skill of 29 can recover any trap with an Assess DC of 17 or lower without fearing a Spectacular Failure. With Skill Mastery feat, there is a 0% chance for a Recover Trap Spectacular Failure if (Rogue Disable Device skill-8)>=Trap Assess DC. If the skill is insufficient, it is probably better to disarm the trap - (Rogue Disable Device skill+2)>=Trap Assess DC - rather than recovering it. Any bonuses like (Greater) Heroism, Fox's Cunning, Song of Competence, Prayer or items that give a boost to INT apply here.

Use: Assess, Flag, Recover, and Disarm are dropdown menu options off of detected device.

DnD 3.5 comparison[]

Disable Device has been split into this skill and the set trap skill in NWN.

NWN comparison[]

  • This skill was called "Disable Trap" in Neverwinter Nights.
  • Disabling traps out of combat was given an automatic roll of 20 (see take 20). That has been removed in NWN2 to reflect the always dangerous activity of tinkering with traps. You may still take 20 to examine a trap.

External resources[]

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