Demigods are the least powerful deities to any pantheon. Deities hold the rank of Demigod when they first are elevated to divine status, when they have just returned from the dead, when they share a portfolio or an element of their portfolio with a god of the upper echelons of divine rank, and when they simply do not have a large enough following to gain greater stature. Frequently, demigods are mortals who have earned divine status or powers who are very strong among only a small group of people or only in a small region.

Sensing Abilities: Demigods have the ability to know what is happening within one mile of themselves, any of their own worshipers or any of their holy objects. They can also extend their senses to know what is happening within one mile of where anyone or anythin that speaks one of their names or titles currently is for an hour after the name is spoken. The sensing ability can be blocked by the conscious effort of deities of equal stature or the unconscious desires of those of greater stature.

Creation: Demigods cannot create or duplicate any object out of nothing. They must rely on information that they gather through their sensing abilities to try and find any object that they desire that already exists, or use their own time and effort to create it from raw materials or to find a being that can do so for them. Often demigods have alliances with intermediate or greater deities that allow them to rely on their more powerful friends for assistance with the creation of objects.

Life and Death: Demigods share the ability to raise any previously living mortal from the dead. They can do this at will and across any distance of barrier, regardless of current condition of the body but must have either an avatar or a holy relic present in the location of the body to raise it.

Multitasks: Demigods can perform any two tasks at once without suffering any penalties of any sort.

Avatars: Most demigods can use but one avatar at a time. If this avatar is destroyed, they require one full year to fashion another. Some demigods are unable to employ avatars or choose not to do so.

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