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Delayed Blast Fireball
Spell Information
Spell level : Innate level: 7, Sorcerer/Wizard: 7
School : Evocation
Descriptor(s) : Fire
Components : Verbal and Somatic
Range : Medium
Target/Area : Huge
Duration : 6 seconds / 3 Levels
Save : Reflex 1/2
Spell resistance : Yes

Description[edit | edit source]

You create a small, magical zone that can detect the passage of enemy creatures. When the field is activated, it explodes, doing 1d6 points of fire damage per caster level to all within the area of effect, to a maximum of 20d6.

Bug Notes[edit | edit source]


General: This spells functionality could be altered slightly. Basically, if there is already a creature within 2 Meters of the target location, the spell will fire almost instantly after the AOE is placed down. It might be worth having the damage functionality of NW_S0_DelFireA.nss copied into the first spell script - and the AOE bypassed if there is a target within 2M of the location, and the effect fired at the nearest object that matches in the 2M radius.

Line 43: The duration is, in the script, 1 round per 2 Caster Levels (IE: "int nDuration = GetCasterLevel(OBJECT_SELF) / 2;"). Either the script or description is wrong. The 3.5E version of the spell is not "on enter, fire the fireball" but instead can be an instant fireball, or the blast is delayed by 1-5 rounds, at which point it will detonate, so is not much help for comparison purposes.

Line 49: This spell doesn't use the NWN2 ApplyMetamagicDurationMods() and ApplyMetamagicDurationTypeMods() functions.

On Enter: NW_S0_DelFireA.nss

There is no check to see if the caster is still valid. If the caster is not valid, of course the faction, saves and spell resistance checks will be messed up.

Line 61: This should use the NWN2 metamagic function ApplyMetamagicVariableMods().

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