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A deity is a member of a pantheon (or other demigod or entity) that is worshipped on Faerun (and other worlds).

At character creation, one must choose a deity from a list of 105 Forgotten Realms deities. These are common deities worshipped, and do not include pantheons from remote areas like Mulhorand and Chult, or other powers like archdevils and paragons. If a character's current deity is not compatible with his current alignment or class, the deity will need to be changed to one that actually fits the character.

Deity List[]

The following deities are used in NWN2. Players may also opt to worship no deity at all (unless class requires one).

Faerun deities[]

Deity Title Alignment Favored Weapon Cleric Alignment
Ao The overgod True neutral Longsword None
Akadi Goddess of wind True neutral Flail N, NG, NE, LN, CN
Auril Goddess of winter Neutral evil Battleaxe CN, NE, LN
Azuth God of wizards Lawful neutral Quarterstaff LE, LN, LG
Bane God of strife, tyranny, fear Lawful evil Morningstar LE, LN, NE
Beshaba Goddess of misfortune Chaotic evil Flail CN, CE, NE
Chauntea Goddess of agriculture Neutral good Scythe CG, LG, NG, N
Cyric God of murder, deception, intrigue Chaotic evil Longsword CE, CN, NE
Deneir God of literature, cartography, glyphs Neutral good Dagger CG, LG, NG
Eldath Goddess of peace Neutral good Unarmed Strike CG, LG, NG
Gond God of crafts True neutral Warhammer Any
Grumbar God of earth True neutral Warhammer N, LN, CN, NG, NE
Helm God of guardians Lawful neutral Bastard sword LG, LN, LE
Ilmater God of suffering Lawful good Unarmed Strike LG, LN, NG
Istishia God of water True neutral Warhammer N, CN, LN, NE, NG
Kelemvor God of the dead Lawful neutral Bastard sword LE, LG, LN
Kossuth God of fire True neutral Flail N, CN, NG, NE, LN, LG, LE (Kossuth has Lawful tendencies)
Lathander God of dawn Neutral good Mace CG, LG, NG
Leira Goddess of deception Chaotic neutral Kukri
Lliira Goddess of festivals Chaotic good Shuriken CN, NG, CG
Loviatar Goddess of pain Lawful evil Flail LN, NE, LE
Malar God of hunters, lycanthropy, stalking Chaotic evil Unarmed Strike CE, CN, NE
Mask God of thieves Neutral evil Longsword LE, NE, CE
Mielikki Goddess of forests Neutral good Scimitar LG, NG, CG
Milil God of poetry Neutral good Rapier LG, NG, CG
Mystra Goddess of magic/mystery Neutral good Shuriken CG, NG, LG, LN, LE (Mystra was formerly lawful neutral)
Oghma God of knowledge True neutral Longsword Any
Selûne Goddess of the moon Chaotic good Morningstar CG, CN, NG
Shar Goddess of darkness Neutral evil Shortsword CE, NE, LE
Shaundakul God of travel Chaotic neutral Greatsword CG, CN, CE
Silvanus God of nature/druids True neutral Warmace N, NG, CN, LN, NE
Sune Goddess of love Chaotic good Flail CN, CG, NG
Talona Goddess of disease/poison Chaotic evil Unarmed strike CN, CE, NE
Talos God of storms Chaotic evil Spear CE, NE, CN
Tempus God of war Chaotic neutral Battleaxe CN, CG, CE
Torm God of duty Lawful good Greatsword NG, LG, LN
Tymora Goddess of luck Chaotic good Shuriken CN, CG, NG
Tyr God of justice Lawful good Longsword LG, LN, NG
Umberlee Goddess of oceans Chaotic evil Halberd CN, CE, NE
Waukeen Goddess of trade True neutral Club N, LN, CN, NG, NE

Elven deities[]

Deity Title Alignment Favored Weapon Cleric Alignment
Aerdrie Faenya Goddess of Air Chaotic good Quarterstaff CG, CN, NG
Angarradh Goddess of fertility Chaotic good Spear CG, CN, NG
Corellon Larethian God of arts, magic, sun elves Chaotic good Longsword CG, CN, NG
Erevan Ilesere God of mischief Chaotic neutral Shortsword CG, CN, CE
Fenmarel Mestarine God of outcasts Chaotic neutral Dagger CG, CN, CE
Hanali Celanil Goddess of love, beauty, romance Chaotic good Dagger CG, CN, NG
Labelas Enoreth God of time Chaotic good Quarterstaff CG, CN, NG
Rillfane Rallathil God of nature/druids Chaotic good Quarterstaff CG, CN, NG
Sehanine Moonbow Goddess of dreams, mysticism, moon elves Chaotic good Quarterstaff CG, CN, NG
Shevarash God of vengeance Chaotic neutral Longbow CG, CN, CE
Solonor Thelandira God of archery/hunting Chaotic good Longbow CG, CN, NG

Drow deities[]

Deity Title Alignment Favored Weapon Cleric Alignment
Eilistraee Goddess of song/dance Chaotic good Bastard sword CG, CN, NG
Kiaransalee Goddess of undead Chaotic evil Dagger CE, CN, NE
Ghaunadaur God of ooze Chaotic evil Warhammer CE, CN, NE
Lolth The Goddess formerly known as Araushnee, spiders, drow, chaos Chaotic evil Dagger CE, CN, NE
Seveltarm God of drow warriors Chaotic evil Morningstar CE, CN, NE
Vhaeraun God of theft Chaotic evil Shortsword CE, CN, NE

Dwarven deities[]

Deity Title Alignment Favored Weapon Cleric Alignment
Abbathor God of greed Neutral evil Dagger
Berronar Truesilver Goddess of tradition Lawful good Morningstar
Clangeddin Silverbeard God of war Lawful good Battleaxe
Deep Duerra Goddess of duergar, psionics Lawful evil Battleaxe
Dugmaren Brightmantle God of invention Chaotic good Shortsword
Dumathoin God of wealth, mining, shield dwarves True neutral Warmace
Gorm Gulthyn God of defense Lawful good Dwarven waraxe
Haela Brightaxe Goddess of joy & luck in battle Chaotic good Greatsword
Laduguer God of duergar, artisans Lawful evil Warhammer
Marthammor Duin God of explorers Neutral good Morningstar
Moradin God of smiths Lawful good Warhammer
Sharindlar Goddess of courtship Chaotic good Flail
Thard Harr God of hunting Chaotic good Kukri
Vergadain God of trickery True neutral Longsword

Gnome deities[]

Deity Title Alignment Favored Weapon Cleric Alignment
Baervan Wildwanderer God of forests Neutral good Spear
Baravar Cloakshadow God of illusions Neutral good Dagger
Callarduran Smoothhands God of stone, mining, the Underdark, svirfneblin True neutral Battleaxe
Flandal Steelskin God of metallurgy Neutral good Warhammer
Gaerdal Ironhand God of combat Lawful good Warhammer
Garl Glittergold God of gnomes Lawful good Battleaxe
Segojan Earthcaller God of earth Neutral good Morningstar
Urdlen God of impulse, bloodlust Chaotic evil Unarmed strike

Halfling deities[]

Deity Title Alignment Favored Weapon Cleric Alignment
Arvoreen God of defense Lawful good Shortsword
Brandobaris God of stealth True neutral Dagger
Cyrrollalee Goddess of trust Lawful good Club
Sheela Peryroyl Goddess of nature True neutral Sickle
Urogalan God of the earth and the dead Lawful neutral Flail
Yondalla Goddess of creation, tradition, wisdom Lawful good Shortsword

Orcish deities[]

Deity Title Alignment Favored Weapon Cleric Alignment
Bahgtru God of stupidity Chaotic evil Kukri
Gruumsh God of orcs, conquest, survival Chaotic evil Spear
Ilneval God of war Neutral evil Longsword
Luthic Goddess of caves, wisdom, fertility Neutral evil Unarmed Strike
Shargaas God of thieves, night, Underdark Chaotic evil Shortsword
Yurtrus God of death/disease Neutral evil Unarmed strike


Deity Title Alignment Favored Weapon Cleric Alignment
Finder Wyvernspur God of cycles Chaotic neutral Bastard sword
Garagos God of plunder Chaotic neutral Longsword
Gargauth God of betrayal, political corruption Lawful evil Dagger
Gwaeron Windstrom God of rangers Neutral good Greatsword
Hoar God of retribution Lawful neutral Spear
Jergal God of funerals Lawful neutral Scythe
Lurue Goddess of intelligent non-humans Chaotic good Spear
Red Knight Goddess of strategy/tactics Lawful neutral Longsword
Savras God of divination Lawful neutral Dagger
Sharess Goddess of hedonism Chaotic good Unarmed strike
Shiallia Goddess of woodland glades Neutral good Quarterstaff
Siamorphe Goddess of nobility Lawful neutral Mace
Tiamat God of chromatic dragons Lawful evil Long sword
Valkur God of sailing Chaotic good Rapier
Velsharoon God of necromancy Neutral evil Quarterstaff


  • Descriptions and icons for each deity will be included. [1]
  • Module makers may alter the deity list in the nwn2_deities.2da file as desired. The 2da includes a deity description field.

NWN comparison[]

  • In NWN, deity selection was limited to an optional text box. It had no real functionality in the game (unless a module builder scripted its use), so the restrictions normally associated with Divine spellcasting classes were simply not used.