Type of feat
Dex 13+, Improved unarmed strike
Required for
Epic Deflection

A character with this feat automatically deflects the first incoming projectile attack shot at her each round. Your character cannot be holding anything in their hands to deflect arrows.

Automatic if not caught flat-footed.

Special: Monks receive this feat for free at level 2. Duelists receive this feat for free at level 9.


  1. A "projectile attack" is any normal attack performed with a ranged weapon
  2. Contrary to the above description, this feat functions almost exactly the same as in NWN1; it will work as long as the character has an empty main hand slot or an empty off-hand slot to perform the deflection (e.g. a class-level two unarmed Monk or a class-level nine Duelist wielding only a rapier). Specifically:
    • For this feat, the usual definition of a two-handed weapon is ignored. Instead, all ranged and large weapons are treated as occupying both hands, while medium and smaller melee weapons are treated as one-handed (the size of the wielder does not matter)
    • More precisely, ranged and large weapons in the main hand are treated as occupying both hands, but this distinction is rarely relevant

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