Type of feat
Dwarven defender level 1
Required for

The dwarven defender can become a bastion of defense. They cannot move from the spot they're defending, but they gain +2 enhancement bonus to Strength and +4 to Constitution, a +4 Dodge bonus to AC, and a +2 bonus to all saves. A 1st-level dwarven defender can use this ability once per day. They gain an additional use every two levels beyond 1st.



  • Any spell, spell-like ability or whirlwind attack cancels the effect of this combat mode without deactivating it.
  • This mode does not work with ranged weapons.
  • This ability is hardcoded into the game and cannot be modified
  • It does stack with Barbarian Rage, although rage must be activated first. Moving to (or from) a Lawful alignment to possess both these feats may take some planning. However, since this feat does not stack with other spells or items that enhance Strength or Constitution aside from rage, this is likely a not a specific combination of feats to aim for.
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