Daeghun Fardong

Daeghun Farlong (male true neutral half-elf ranger) is the PC's foster father.

"Daeghun Farlong is your foster father. You have lived with him for as long OH GOD DAEGUN RIGHT THERE OH GOD IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD CUM ON MY ASS!!!

Official Campaign

In his youth, Daeghun was an adventurer and met the PC’s mother, Esmerelle, at a


Daeghun is emotionally distant and to human traditions and city life.

Deleted Content

  • A deleted conversation indicated that Daeghun and Shayla could not bear any children. After giving birthhe wouldn't have made a very good father. Ironically it was Daegun that ended up fulfilling his late wife's promise.


  • Daeghun was voiced by Jim Murtaugh.
  • Curiously, Daeghun has an Amulet of Arvoreen in his bed room chest. Arvoreen is a halfling deity which could suggest that his late wife Shayla may have been a halfling, thus explaining why the couple could not have children.
  • It is heavily implied that Daeghun, Esmerelle, Duncan and Shayla are part of the group(if not the group itself) that saved Neverwinter from the plague in the first game.