A cross-class skill is a skill which falls outside the expertise of a class (e.g. a rogue attempting a direct fight). This is opposed to class skills.

Improving cross-class skills[edit | edit source]

A character may buy cross-class skills at a rate of ½ a rank per skill point invested, unless they have the Able Learner feat.

The maximum rank for a cross-class skill is (3 + character level) ÷ 2.

NWN comparison[edit | edit source]

  • Cross-class skills in NWN had a max skill rank equal to (character level + 3) ÷ 2, with the final figure rounded down (e.g. the max cross-class rank of a character with 4 character levels would be 3).
  • In NWN, characters could "store" an unlimited number of skill points gained each level to spend at a later point, but only when leveling. This was implemented because NWN could not handle half-points for cross-class skills. In NWN2, only a maximum of 5 skill points may be saved.
  • In NWN, multiclass characters could not increase a cross-class skill beyond (3+character level) ÷ 2 when leveling up, even if their other class(es) had it as a class skill. In v3.5 rules and NWN2, this has changed. When leveling up, you can increase a cross-class skill to (3+character level) if another one of your classes has it as a class skill (though they still cost 2 skill points). This makes the Able Learner feat very important for multiclassed rogues, as it allows your other classes to increase your rogue skills at the regular 1 skill point rate.
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