Crafting Stations[edit | edit source]

In the Official Campaign, crafting stations allow you, with the help of a recipe, to create non-magical or magical items. You will commonly need raw materials, moderate skill in Craft weapon, Craft armor, or Craft alchemy. You may need the ability to cast a specific spell, a gem, and/or an essence.

There are 3 types of crafting stations: blacksmithing, alchemical and magical.

Blacksmith's Workbench[edit | edit source]

The blacksmith's workbench is required for crafting simple weapons and armor and for crafting traps. A specific mold is required for the desired weapon or armor and an universal trap kit mold for crafting any trap; molds are found on certain merchants throughout the game. Besides the mold, materials are also needed, the number of which is written on the specific mold (except for traps - which is written in the skill description). After placing the mold and the right number of ingredients / materials in workbench use the special ability of a smith's hammer on the station and if your crafting skill is high enough the item will be created.

Alchemist's Workbench[edit | edit source]

The alchemist's workbench is required for crafting grenade type weapons and for combining two essences of the same type in a single more potent one. Use the special ability of a mortar and pestle on the workbench with the appropriate ingredients (found in recipes) to create the desired item, if the alchemy skill is high enough.

Note: The alchemist's workbench is not need for distilling essences, it is achieved by using the mortar and pestle on the specific ingredient in your inventory.

Magician's Workbench[edit | edit source]

The alchemist's workbench is required for crafting magical items and for enchanting weapons and armor. Unlike the other crafting professions, enchanting does not require invested skill points (although procuring some ingredients requires skill in alchemy), instead two feats must be learnt: Craft Magical Arms and Armor and Craft Wondrous Item, and also known spells, depending on the recipe. Cast the correct spell on the workbench with the proper ingredients, found in recipes, and the item will be created.

How to include Crafting in your own module[edit | edit source]

From 420: "As long as tag based scripts are enabled you simply need to place the three crafting workbenches, have a store selling the "smith's hammer" and "mortar and pestle" (located under Miscellaneous|Crafting|Basic) and give the PC's access to the various crafting molds, materials and recipe books located under the Miscellaneous|Crafting menu.

The three workbenches are located under Placeables|MANMADE PROPS (there are two of each bench so make sure the ones you choose are the "useable" ones):

Name - Tag

{Workbench}Alchemist's Workbench - PLC_MC_CBENCH01

{Workbench}Blacksmith's Workbench - PLC_MC_CBENCH02

{Workbench}Magician's Workbench - PLC_MC_CBENCH03"

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