Craft Weapon allows a character to create most types of weapons and ammunition from different materials.

Modifying ability: Intelligence

Classes: Barbarian, Cleric, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Swashbuckler, Wizard, Warlock; Arcane archer, Arcane trickster, Assassin, Blackguard, Divine champion, Duelist, Dwarven defender, Eldritch knight, Harper agent, Invisible blade, Neverwinter Nine, Pale master, Red dragon disciple, Shadow Thief of Amn, Warpriest, Weapon Master

Requires training: No

Check: Skill must meet the skill modifier required to craft the type of weapon with its material components.

Special: See notes.

Use: Smith's hammer on a crafting station (or applicable device).


  • Using this craft skill requires an anvil and a Smith's Hammer, in addition to the appropriate materials (metal ingots, wooden planks, and/or leather hides) and a mold for the desired weapon. The character places all components, including the mold, in the anvil's inventory, then uses the smith's hammer's special ability on the anvil. If the character has enough ranks in Craft Weapon, the new item is created. The mold for each specific weapon lists which materials a weapon requires. One mold represents one crafted weapon.
  • In order to create a weapon, all materials used to craft that weapon must be of the same type. For example, crafting a longsword requires two metal ingots. In order to create a darksteel longsword, two darksteel ingots must be used.
  • The modified skill requirements for crafting weapons are:

Weapon Proficiency Skill Rank Bows
Simple melee weapons 2 ranks Longbow and Shortbow
Martial melee weapons 5 ranks Crossbows and Bolts
Exotic melee weapons 8 ranks

  • Falchions are, for the purpose of crafting, labeled as Exotic weapons instead of Martial. This is probably a bug.
  • Weapons can be crafted from basic materials (iron and wood), or from more exotic components, such as mithral or Shederran wood. Exotic materials increase the skill requirement to craft a weapon, but also provide additional benefits:

Materials + Additional Skill Ranks Bonus Effects
Iron No modifier None
Alchemical silver +5 ranks Anti-(Devils, Lycanthrope, Vampire, Favored Soul)
Duskwood +5 ranks Weight Reduction; Attack Bonus.
Cold iron +5 ranks Anti-(Demons, Fey, Warlock, Favored Soul)
Shederran wood +5 ranks Bows only; Attack Bonus.
Darksteel +10 ranks +1 Electrical Damage
Mithril +10 ranks Weight Reduction (60%)
Zalantar +10 ranks Attack Bonus
Adamantine +15 ranks Magic Damage; Anti-(Iron Golem/Spells).

(Zalantar quarterstaff: +1 Electrical Damage)

  • To bypass certain damage reduction, alchemical silver and cold iron weapons may also need the Good property.
  • Be aware that, as of v1.23 of the game, when using exotic materials to craft with, each property of the exotic material (if there is more than one) counts as a separate item against the enchantment limit.
  • If a character is short of skill ranks, she can temporarily increase them by use of magic items, feats (Inspire Competence), and spells (Fox's Cunning, Heroism).

Making profits[]

  • Molds differ a lot in terms of costs and number of metal bars required while final items can be sold for more or less the same price. E.g. a halberd's mold costs 15g while falchion's mold costs 1001g but the selling price of both weapons is the same (given the same material was used). Battleaxes, handaxes, light hammers, sickles, kamas and daggers are the best options, requiring very cheap molds (16g) and only 1 bar of metal.
  • Iron, cold iron, alchemical silver battleaxe can be sold for mere 13g, mithril one costs 66g, darksteel and adamantine ones can be sold for 376g and 1023g respectively but none of that is realy vialble in terms of profits. Weapons of other types cost more or less the same, the difference is very small.
  • Crafting ranged weapons (shortbows and longbows, light and heavy crossbows) from duskwood and (to a lesser extent) shederran is very profitable. Duskwood longbows can be sold for 3913g a piece. Shederran prices are lower: 1353g for a longbow, 1294g for a shortbow, 1257g for a heavy crossbow, 1237g for a light crossbow. Zalantar weapons, on the other hand, are not worth much. All ranged weapons require 2 planks to craft.

Prices are given with Appraisal 10 and from the same merchant.

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