Basic Resource Priority[]

  • haks/subdir/myhak1.hak
  • haks/myhak1.hak
  • MyDocs/Override
  • Install/Override
  • campaigns/YourCampaign/Level1Dir/ Level2DirA
  • campaigns/YourCampaign/Level1Dir
  • campaigns/YourCampaign
  • YourModule/Level1Dir/ Level2DirA
  • YourModule/Level1Dir/ Level2DirB
  • YourModule/Level1Dir/
  • YourModule/
  • or YourModule.mod (mutually exclusive with the yourmodule entries above )
  • possibly each directory which has an ALIAS entry in nwn2.ini
  • ZIP files

Hak Pak Priority[]

If you have multiple hak paks, the priority is highest to lowest.

So if your mod hak list looks like this:

  • a.hak
  • b.hak
  • c.hak

Then a.hak is first priority, then b.hak, then c.hak, then the remaining files as listed in my first post. This is the same in the toolset (since they fixed in 1.13). This means if a resource exists in both "a.hak" and "b.hak", then the one in "a.hak" will get used.