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Console commandsEdit

To begin using console commands, you can open the console with ~ and allow commands by typing "DebugMode 1" (without parentheses). To end this mode, type "DebugMode 0" (without parentheses again).


The runscript console command accepts script parameters. The format is just like a function call. For example:

runscript ga_local_int("FavoriteNum", "=-2", "MightyGnome")

This would run the ga_local_int script which takes 3 string parameters. In this particular case, it would set the variable "FavoriteNum" to -2 on the target "MightyGnome".

It can also be shortened to "rs" instead of the entire "runscript" command.[1]

Giving/Removing Feats Edit

To add a feat, type "givefeat #" (without parentheses, and replace # with a number from 0-2255).

To remove a feat, type "removefeat #" (without parentheses, and replace # with a number from 0-2255).

Full list of feats link.

Combat Debugging Edit

Enable in-game reporting of combat mechanics with the following commands:

  • debugmode 1
  • enablecombatdebugging 1
  • debugmode 0

Altering Alignment Edit

Type "rs ga_alignment(#,#)" (without parentheses, and replace the #s with numbers).

The first number picks either Good/Lawful or Evil/Chaotic, and the amount to change your alignment by, in increments of 1, 3, 10 and 70. Type 1, 2, 3 or 4, to select Good/Lawful in increasing amounts. Type -1, -2, -3 or -4, to select Evil/Chaotic in increasing amounts.

The second number sets it either on the Good-Evil axis, or the Lawful-Chaotic axis. Type 0 to alter your Good/Evil alignment. Type 1 to alter your Lawful/Chaotic alignment.

Give Experience Edit

Type "givexp #" (without parentheses, and replace # with the amount of exp you want the selected character to gain).

Note: You can give a negative amount to level down characters. Just add a - symbol:

givexp -#

This is useful if you messed up a level-up. You can remove # amount of xp then add it back to relevel. However, you can never change your original level 1 character decisions.

Give Item Edit

Use the "giveitem #" command to give the selected character an item.

Altering Companions' Influence Edit

rs ga_influence(x,150) will maximize a companion's influence where x is:

1: Khelgar

2: Neeshka

3: Elanee

4: Qara

5: Sand

6: Grobnar

7: Casavir

8: Bishop

9: Shandra

10: Construct

11: Zhjaeve

12: Ammon Jerro

13: Bevil

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