Companions are associates that can join the player's party in the course of a campaign. Throughout the storylines, decisions that the character makes when interacting with them or others will affect how much Influence the player has with his companions. Having a higher influence with different companions can open up side quests or make more options available in conversations.

Technical IssuesEdit

There is a problem with companions if you save the game when companions are in the current party. Technically, when a savegame is created, all companions are removed from the party. When a savegame is loaded, the companions are added. This has many negative consequences:

1) Any spells with persistent AoEs cast by companions will be dispelled. This includes spells like Magic Circle against Alignment and Invisibility Sphere as well as spell-like abilities like Song of Competence. So if Grobnar casts the Song of Competence, on savegame load the Song will be activated, but the effects are gone, which means every time you load this savegame you need first disable the song, then activate it again, which is extremely annoying and a waste of time.

There is actually a way to fix this through the OnPCLoaded script, which triggers when the player character is booted into the module (the name depends on the particular module, for example, it's "k_mod_pc_loaded" for Mask of Betrayer). When a PC is booted into game on savegame load and all companions are added, let them automatically execute persistent AOE spells again. Example for bardic inspirations like Inspire Competence:

object oPCF = GetFirstFactionMember(GetEnteringObject(),FALSE);

while (GetIsObjectValid(oPCF)) {

if (GetLevelByClass(CLASS_TYPE_BARD,oPCF)>0) { //is bard?

int nSingingSpellId = FindEffectSpellId(EFFECT_TYPE_BARDSONG_SINGING, oPCF);

if(nSingingSpellId != -1) { //any inspiration active?

RemoveEffectOfType(oPCF,EFFECT_TYPE_BARDSONG_SINGING); //remove inspiration effect

//renew the effect

DelayCommand(0.1f,AssignCommand(oPCF, ActionCastSpellAtObject(nSingingSpellId,OBJECT_SELF,METAMAGIC_NONE,1,0,PROJECTILE_PATH_TYPE_DEFAULT,1))); } }

oPCF = GetNextFactionMember(GetEnteringObject(), FALSE); }

2) Bonus spells granted by equipped items that give ability bonuses as well as items that grant bonus spells directly (rings, for example) are removed on savegame load for party members who don't need to memorize spells. So if you equip a Nymph Cloak +8 on Qara and rest, she gets additional spells per level, but on savegame load these spells are gone, so you need to rest again to restore Qara's additional spells per level, which is problematic if you buff the party for a fight and then save the game, because resting removes all buffs and you need to recast everything. Same problem with Grobnar. The only way to avoid this is to create an item through the toolset that gives a bonus to CHA/WIS equal to the sorcerer's/bard's/spirit shaman's WIS/CHA score granted by items and is active at all times while in inventory. So if Qara is wearing a Nymph Cloak +8, create an item that gives a CHA bonus 8 and put it in Qara's inventory. This will prevent her from losing bonus spells granted by the Nymph Cloak on savegame load, but she will still lose bonus spells granted by rings like the Ring of Wizardry!

Every time a companion is re-added to party on savegame load or through the roster manager, the game will subtract memorized spells equal to the number of temporary bonus slots. Let's say Qara can cast 5 level 2 spells naturally per day. She has several items equipped that give her 4 level 2 bonus slots, increasing the number of memorized spells to 9 per day. If the party rests, Qara will be able to cast 9 spells. However, if you load a savegame, the number drops back to 5. If you save again and reload the new savegame, the number drops again! There is only a partial way to fix this like this: Give Qara the bonus feat "Sorcerer Bonus Slot of Level X" through the console and remove the bonus slot item property from one of the items she has equipped, but keep the empty item equipped to avoid cheating. Because this bonus slot is now implemented as a permanent feat rather than a temporary item property, it will not be lost on savegame load. However, since only one bonus slot feat is available for each level, a spirit shaman/sorcerer/bard can never have more than one bonus slot per level, everything else will always be lost on savegame load when the companion in question is re-added. Because of this bug, wizards will actually always have more slots than sorcerers, because their temporary slots are not lost, which is obviously an anomaly, as sorcerers are supposed to have more slots available than wizards.

3) Party members will always spawn next to the player character on savegame load, which is problematic if you save the game when enemies are near. If your main character is invisible, enemies won't attack her, but on savegame load the entire party is spawned next to your player character, so enemies will attack them, unless the entire party is invisible.

Official campaignEdit

Listed below, in order of your ability to recruit and adventure with, are the twelve companions in the Neverwinter Nights 2 official campaign.

Khelgar IronfistEdit

A shield dwarf fighter of the Ironfist clan, Khelgar is constantly in search of a battle, be it a simple tavern brawl or a massive war. The player first meets him in the Weeping Willow Inn, being harassed by some thugs. Afterwards, Khelgar joins up with the player they travel to Neverwinter, with the hopes that he can meet an order of monks at the Temple of Tyr and become one himself.

If you complete Khelgar's side-quest, you are given the option of turning him into a Monk.


A brash, opportunistic tiefling rogue, Neeshka is always looking for a way to make a situation profitable. Her devilish heritage has made her a social outcast, but she manages to remain cheerful, even in the face of such adversity. The player first meets her outside of Fort Locke, where she is being harassed by several of the guards. After saving her from them, she joins your party.


A wood elf druid, Elanee belongs to a circle of druids that live in and watch over the Mere of Dead Men. She has been tasked by the circle to watch over the player, and intervenes to save the player and their party during a battle. She joins your party afterwards.

If the player character is male, they can have a romance with Elanee.


A female human sorcerer, Qara is a young woman with a temper as hot as her obsession for fire. A drop-out of the Neverwinter Academy, Qara is constantly in trouble, as her short fuse and preference for use of raw power over diplomacy left many buildings going up in flames. After intervening in a tense altercation between her and two academy students outside the Sunken Flagon, she joins your party.


A rock gnome bard, Grobnar perfectly exemplifies the lighthearted naivety of his race. Unable to see the danger in much of anything, his fearlessness and penchant for tinkering makes him an invaluable ally. The player meets him as they travel towards the Old Owl Well, and he joins the party in order to lead them there.

Grobnar can help to repair the Construct later on, and he is also involved in a side quest to look for the "Wendersnaven."


A human paladin of Tyr, Casavir is a noble, upright man with a strong sense of justice and a complicated past involving Neverwinter. The player meets him during the events at the Old Owl Well, and he joins the party as they hunt for the leader of the united orc tribes.

If the player character is female, they may have a romance with Casavir.


A sarcastic, self-serving human ranger, Bishop owes allegiance to no one. Continually disgusted by the actions of those around him, seeing them as nothing more than slaves to a higher power and starts off only assisting the player character in tracking down Shandra Jerro due to a favor owed to Duncan.

Shandra JerroEdit

The last living remnant of the Jerro bloodline, Shandra is an ordinary, if somewhat gruff, farmer who makes her living near Highcliff. After being attacked and kidnapped by the githyanki, and subsequently saved by the player, she reluctantly agrees to help the player discover the location of her ancestor's Haven, which might contain the key to defeating the King of Shadows.


A talented moon elf wizard, Sand makes his home in the Docks District of Neverwinter. His name is a reference to how he tends to "rub" people the wrong way, like coarse sand. He has his ties to the Sunken Flagon's owner, Duncan, and ends up joining the player during Act II to help prove the player's innocence in an atrocity.


A mysterious githzerai cleric, Zhjaeve arrives from the plane of Limbo to help the player during the second act. She has been charged with guiding the player in the reforging of the Silver Sword of Gith, and, ultimately, the destruction of the King of Shadows.

Construct Edit

A powerful blade golem that remains as a remnant of the ancient Illefarn Empire, the Construct is found in a githyanki stronghold when the player sets out to rescue Shandra Jerro. If the player chooses to take the Construct after they save Shandra, it can eventually be re-activated by Grobnar and serve as a companion. The player can also upgrade the Construct using their skill in armorcrafting, weaponsmithing, and alchemy.

Ammon JerroEdit

Also known as "the Warlock," Ammon Jerro is the mysterious figure behind the murders of several nobles in Neverwinter. After visiting Ammon Jerro's haven the player meets him, and, after some explanation, he joins the party to help defeat the King of Shadows.

Mask of the BetrayerEdit

The campaign for the Mask of the Betrayer has 5 companions that may join the player.


A red wizard dedicated to Transmutation, Safiya is an instructor at the Academy of Shapers and Binders. She was tasked by her mother, the academy headmistress Nefris, to escort an incapacitated PC from the Bear God's Barrow to Lienna in Mulsantir, and protect him/her from any harm.

She is also a love interest for male PC's.


A hagspawn spirit shaman, Gannayev-of-Dreams is a charming dreamwalker. The player can recruit him from the Mulsantir prison to help quell the spirit army of Okku. His insight into dreams and spirits helps the player learn more about the mysterious curse.

He is also a love interest for female PC's.

Kaelyn the DoveEdit

A half-celestial cleric of Ilmater, Kaelyn is a troubled angel who has fallen out of favor with her previous patron, Kelemvor. The player meets her in the Death God's Vault, where she is trying to solve the lock of the door to the lower vaults.


A telthor fighter, Okku is a spirit bear god of some renown. He is awakened by the re-emergence of the Spirit Eater, and tries to block the player's escape from his barrow. Failing that, he pursues the PC & Safiya to Mulsantir with a spirit army. After weakening him and fending off his army, he reveals the spirit eater curse and is left to the mercy of the player.

If the player restrains the hunger and spares the bear god, Okku will agree to help find a way to end the curse. However, the player cannot recruit One of Many if Okku survives.

One of ManyEdit

A conglomeration of hundreds of evil souls, One of Many is a schizophrenic wraith. The player can only recruit One of Many if he/she devoured Okku. The One of Many can switch to either rogue, barbarian, or warlock, each corresponding to one of the predominant "personalities."

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