Adventurers seek gold, glory, justice, fame, power, knowledge, or maybe some other goals—perhaps noble or perhaps base. Each chooses a different way to attain those goals, from brutal combat power, to mighty magic, to subtle skills. Some adventurers prevail and grow in experience,wealth, and power. Others die.

A class is one of the fifteen player character types -- barbarian, bard, cleric, druid, favored soul, fighter, monk, paladin, ranger, rogue, sorcerer, spirit shaman, swashbuckler, warlock or wizard. Class defines a character's predominant talents and general function within an adventuring party. Character class may also refer to a nonplayer character class or a prestige class.

Class determines what a character is able to do: combat prowess, magical ability, skills, and more. Class is probably the first choice made about a character -— just ahead of race, or perhaps in conjunction with that decision. The class chosen determines where a character should best place ability scores and suggests which races are best to support that class choice.

Base classes Edit

A base class is a class that may be chosen at level 1 (as opposed to a prestige class).

The following 15 base classes are included in NWN2 (two added with Mask of the Betrayer, one with Storm of Zehir).

Combat Classes Edit

  • Barbarian (Brb): A ferocious warrior guided by fury and instinct.
  • Fighter (F): A warrior with unequaled skill with weapons.
  • Monk (M): A martial artist and master of exotic powers.
  • Paladin (Pal): A champion of justice, strengthened by an array of divine powers.
  • Ranger (Ra): A cunning, skilled warrior of the wilderness.
  • Rogue (Ro): A skillful scout and spy who utilizes stealth.
  • Swashbuckler (SB): A Dexterity/Finesse based Melee Fighter. (SoZ)

Spellcasting Classes Edit

Prestige classes Edit

A prestige class can only be chosen once certain prerequisites have been met. These classes are limited to 5 or 10 levels (rather than 20 like base classes) and do not have epic progression (save epic bonus feats).

Pre-release notesEdit

  • Obsidian has stated that NWN2 will support four classes per character (instead of three as in NWN), but one of them is reserved for a prestige class.
  • Obsidian has stated that Sacred fist and Mystic theurge will not be included in base NWN2 as originally planned. The Sacred fist was eventually added with Mask of the Betrayer expansion pack.

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