Type of Feat: General

Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +3, Dex 15+, Improved unarmed strike.

Specifics: If the character succeeds in hitting an opponent with an unarmed attack, they get an additional free attack against another, nearby enemy. There is a maximum of one free attack per round.

Use: Automatic.


  • Even though many unarmed feats do not work when shapeshifted (such as a Druid in Bear form), Circle Kick does appear to work as expected.
  • The extra attack is made at your highest attack bonus.
  • Animations may glitch using this feat, not showing visuals of the target being attacked; it nevertheless still functions.
  • If, in addition to other normal targets that would normally be subject to a circle kick, there is a ethereal opponent also within range, the ethereal target may be randomly struck by the extra attack granted from this feat. This (random) functionality vs. ethereal targets bears similarity to Whirlwind Attack.
  • This feat is still bugged, though arguably not as badly as it was in NWN1:
    • Unlike NWN1, If you circle kick an opponent, you will not switch focus to that opponent.
    • However, unlike the NWN1 feat, which had this element of the bug fixed in the Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition, this feat will still sometimes choose a target that is out of the range of the character's fists (but not necessarily beyond the range of the target's weapon). If this happens, the circle kick will be attempted despite the range, but then the character will cease attacking (becoming flat-footed) because of the range.