Cerea Island 2
Status: Inactive

Cerea is based on an island named Cerea in a PnP role-playing world created in 1988. It has also been the base of adventures in the former PW Cerea for NWN. As the setting is not Forgotten Realms, the Gods, Races and such are quite different.

Cerea 2 would start the rebuilding story of Cerea. Cerea was going through a time of destruction, evil and good fighting for control with massive power destroying much of the land and people. Cerea 2 was set about 20 years after Cerea, the players would be the heroes fighting the evil and trying to reclaim and rebuild the world after the destruction.

The server appears to have gone offline in early 2010.


The basic Genre of the module is Roleplay. Meaning a majority of roleplaying, but includes a fair amount of action between the long intriques.

The basics of the place is a struggle of life vs. unlife. So those using negative energy and undead are quickly categorized as evil. Players of evil characters do not do well in Cerea, unless they are very smart evil(and very few people can pull that off).

Cerea is a world of heroes fighting for god and building a world against the challenges of the world, not a place for Player vs Player combat.

Most of the basic systems and methods are based on things learned (good and bad) with orginal Cerea for NWN.


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