This is missing a bunch of feats. There's Improved Two-weapon Defense, Improved Favored Enemy and Favored Power Attack or somesuch. Also, Power Critical.

Yes, they are missing, lots of class feats are not here, and several normal feats are not here too. I was going to concentrate on feats once spells were complete, but feel free to add the missing ones. - Jasperre 07:07, 4 February 2007 (PST)

Would it be ok to add a page categorizing feats by attribute requirements (eg Overwhelming Critical under STR 23)?

11/18/2008 - I have added as much as I can about the New Feats, including Heritage Feats, from the Storm of Zehir Manual, but I do not yet own the game, and would like anyone who does to verify contents and bring this page up to date with the current in game implementation. - sidvicious1985

06/01/2010-- The feat Intuitive Attack (a very important one) is missing.