Spells listed in this category can be used with the Persistent spell meta-magic feat.

This information is based upon the Spells.2DA game data file. While spells may be flagged in this manner, they may be too high of a level to actually perform the meta-magic feat upon the spell (e.g. - Bigby's Crushing Hand ).

Gameplay NotesEdit

You will note that persisting some of these spells doesn't make any sense as their durations are either already a fixed 24 hours or fairly long to begin with (1 hr/lvl for example). In the OC, the 60 sec / lvl spells last about half as long as the 1 hr / lvl spells. Persisting even these spells may not be worth it in such a case. However, since game time is determined by the module or persistent world being played, these spells may still be useful to be persisted. Also, once your caster level is beyond 24, persisting 1 hour/level spells will actually reduce their duration.

Improperly Flagged SpellsEdit

Spells above level 3 cannot be cast using Persistent Spell (even if they are flagged as such below), since that would increase the spell level beyond level 9. The following spells are flagged in the 2DA file as persistable (and are thus listed in this category) but aren't because of their level:

Bigbys Crushing Hand, Burst of Glacial Wrath, Moon Bolt, Nature Avatar, Owls Insight, Rejuvenation Cocoon, Storm Avatar, Swamp Lung, Tenser's Transformation, Tortoise Shell

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