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This is where talented (or enthusiastic) character builders can post and share their builds for others to follow.


(AA) Arcane archer (EK) Eldritch knight (RWT) Red Wizard of Thay
(ASC) Arcane Scholar of Candlekeep (FS) Favored soul (Ro) Rogue
(AT) Arcane trickster (F) Fighter (SF) Sacred fist
(Asn) Assassin (FB) Frenzied berserker (STA) Shadow Thief of Amn
(Brb) Barbarian (HW) Hellfire warlock (SD) Shadowdancer
(Brd) Bard (HA) Harper agent (Sor) Sorcerer
(BG) Blackguard (IB) Invisible blade (SS) Spirit shaman
(Clr) Cleric (M) Monk (SL) Stormlord
(DC) Divine champion (NN) Neverwinter Nine (SB) Swashbuckler
(DG) Doomguide (Pal) Paladin (Wlk) Warlock
(D) Druid (PM) Pale master (WP) Warpriest
(Dls) Duelist (Ra) Ranger (WM) Weapon master
(DD) Dwarven defender (RDD) Red dragon disciple (Wiz) Wizard

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