Captain Brelaina (female lawful neutral human fighter) is a protagonistic NPC in NWN2's official campaign.

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"Though not unattractive, Brelaina's hard expression and forbidding demeanor are off-putting. Her Watch uniform is spotless and neat, but unornamented, as befits a soldier of the Neverwinter Watch."

Official Campaign[edit | edit source]

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Captain Brelaina oversees the Neverwinter city watch from her office in the Merchant Quarter. The Watch had been struggling to keep order in the Docks district due to Moire's gang, with the conflict reaching a crescendo when Moire has her minions put the Watch post in the docks to the torch. If the PC joined Marshall Cormick and the City Watch as a means of entering Blacklake, he/she is sent to Brelaina's office following the arson. The player is promoted to replace Lieutenant Roe, who perished in the fire.

In contrast to Cormick, Brelaina has pragmatic approach, favoring patience over aggressive retaliation against Moire's gang, and willing to overlook bribery of watchmen in the docks. Learning of a weapons shipment from an informant, she intends to have her new lieutenant confiscate the shipment and use it to arm the Watch, who have been under-funded following the reconstruction effort. After learning about who were intending to receive the weapons, the PC is dispatched again to deal with the recipients. Their informant, Fihelis, becomes targeted for assassination, and the player eventually faces off with Moire as she tries to kill him.

Captain Brelaina in her office

With Moire out of the way, Brelaina tasks the PC in settling the matter of the missing Waterdeep emissary near Old Owl Well, hoping to ensure new trade routes will open up and lessen the amount of conflicts on the Docks. After rescuing the emissary from a shadow priest at Logram Eyegouger's lair, a Luskan ship (Sea Ghost) docks in Neverwinter, and Brelaina attempts to have the Luskan presence removed. The ship, in fact carrying agents of Black Garius, has several thugs led by Ahja the Azure. After the PC defeats them, Brelaina has one last task: mysterious assassins searching for him/her. The assassins turn out to be the githyanki sword stalkers, who are still after the shards.

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Brelaina came under scrutiny from Nimas, one of the Neverwinter Nine, who was irate that she sent her lieutenant rather than letting the Nine handle the assassins as originally ordered. After Nimas leaves, Brelaina informed the PC of the latest murder, Lord Hawkes, but grants him/her limited access to Blacklake District to see Aldanon.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Brelaina is voiced by Grace Zandarski.
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