Type of feat
Item creation
Spellcaster Level 3+
Required for

You can create a potion of any beneficial, single-target spell of 3rd level or less that you know. To create a potion, cast an appropriate spell on an empty magic potion bottle in your inventory. Creating a potion costs gold pieces based on the relative power of the spell. Potions containing first level spells can cost hundreds of gold pieces while those made with higher level spells can cost several thousand. Warlock invocations cannot be used in the creation of potions.

Cast a spell on a magic potion bottle in your inventory.

Gameplay NotesEdit

Unlike scrolls and wands, potions created by this feat can be used by any character regardless of class. Thus, it may be beneficial to utilize this feat to create potions that can be used by fighters, barbarians, and the like to augment their abilities.

Currently, the classes that can use this feat are: Wizard, Sorcerer, Cleric, Druid, Paladin, and Ranger. Spell-like abilities CANNOT be used to brew potions. Although PnP rules state that the Blackguard and Assassin have real spell books, NWN2 treats their spells as spell-like abilities. As such, these PrC classes CANNOT utilize this feat for their 'spells'.

Potions created by the use of this feat can be used upon other characters and creatures. This is most likely a bug as potions are supposed to always work only on the consuming character and should not be targetted effects. For example, a potion of Virtue created by this feat can be used by the player character to activate the spell upon a familiar, animal companion, or NPC in the game while the target is busy performing other tasks. This is a direct violation of 3.5 PnP rules.

In its current state (Patch 1.06), this feat contains some bugs. While most potions are correctly made using this feat, several are created with incorrect effects. For example, creating a potion of Mirror Image results in a potion with that name but with the Protection from Arrows spell effect. The problem is an error in the .2DA file that is associated with this feat. It's a known bug and has been around since v1.00 of the game. No word on if it will be corrected in the upcoming 1.07 patch or not.

Cost: The cost to brew a potion in NWN2 is equal to Caster Level * Spell Level * 50 gp. Level 0 spells cost half as much as a Level 1 spell. However, in the formula, Caster Level is NOT the character's caster level but the resulting caster level of the potion to be created. For example, a potion of Bull's Strength always has a caster level of 15. As such, it costs 15 * 2 * 50 = 1500 gp to make. Spell Level accurately reflects the spell level of the class used to brew the potion. Thus, the Virtue spell costs more for a paladin than any other class while Dispel Magic cannot be manufactured by a Druid but can by all other classes capable of casting the spell. Cost of the resulting potion is also determined by the class used to brew the potion.

Limitations: The in-game description states that you can brew a potion of any beneficial single-target spell up to 3rd level that you know. This is false. While most beneficial spells of 3rd level and below can be used, not ALL of these spells may be used to brew a potion. For example, you cannot brew a potion of Detect Undead. Likewise Balagarn's Iron Horn is a hostile attack spell that affects more than a single target, yet it can be brewed as a potion.

The specific cost to brew a potion in NWN2 is listed on the table below. The Caster Level header is the caster level that the user of the potion will cast the spell, not the actual caster level of the person that brewed the potion. This may be significantly higher than the actual caster level of the character brewing the potion. For example,a 5th level Wizard that brews a potion of Fox's Cunning will brew a 15th level potion. Conversely, a 20th level Druid will always brew a potion of Summon Creature III that is 5th level. Brewing costs are in gold pieces. All brewed potions require a Magical Potion Bottle in order to be brewed. To create the potion, simply cast the spell onto the Magical Potion Bottle in your character's inventory. You cannot brew a potion using a crafting workbench.

If a spell is NOT listed in this table, it CANNOT be used to brew a potion. This table is accurate as of NWN2 Patch 1.06.

NWN2 Brew Potion Table
Spell NameCaster
Bug Notes
Aid (non-ranger)32300
Aid (ranger)33450
Animate Dead (cleric)1532250
Aura of Glory72700
Balagarn's Iron Horn (sorcerer / wizard)72700
Balagarn's Iron Horn (bard)72350
Bear's Endurance32300
Bless Weapon61300
Blind Sight (sorcerer / wizard)142700Creates False Life potion
Blind Sight (cleric / druid)731050Creates False Life potion
Bull's Strength1521500
Bull's Strength (strength domain)151750
Cat's Grace1521500
Cure Light Wounds51250
Cure Minor Wounds1025
Cure Moderate Wounds (bard / cleric)1021000
Cure Moderate Wounds (druid / paladin / ranger)1031500
Cure Serious Wounds (bard / cleric)1532250
Cure Serious Wounds (Healing domain)1521500
Death Armor32300
Dispel Magic (non-druid)1031500
Divine Favor51250
Divine Power (strength domain)731050
Eagle's Splendor1521500
Endure Elements21100
Entropic Shield51250
Expeditious Retreat51250
Find Traps (cleric)32300
Find Traps (bard)33450
Fireburst1221200Creates Mirror Image potion
Flame Weapon32300
Foundation of Stone31150Creates Body of the Sun potion
Fox's Cunning1521500
Freedom of Movement (travel domain)731050
Ghostly Visage1521500
Greater Magic Fang931350
Greater Magic Weapon (non-cleric)53750
Heroism (sorcerer / wizard)1031500Creates Improved Mage Armor potion
Heroism (bard)1021000Creates Improved Mage Armor potion
Improved Mage Armor331800Creates Rage potion
Cost is incorrect
Invisibility Sphere53750
Keen Edge53750
Lesser Dispel Magic (non-bard)52500
Lesser Dispel Magic (bard)52250
Mage Armor21100
Magic Circle against Alignment53750
Magic Circle against Alignment (good domain)52500
Magic Fang51250
Magic Weapon21100
Magic Vestment53750
Mass Camouflage1321300
Mirror Image62600Creates Protection from Arrows potion
Neutralize Poison (druid / ranger)53750
Owl's Wisdom1521500
Protection from Alignment21100
Protection from Energy (non-ranger)1031500
Protection from Energy (ranger)1021000
Rage931350Creates Spiderskin potion
Rage (bard)92900Creates Spiderskin potion
Remove Blindness/Deafness53750
Remove Curse (bard / cleric / paladin)53750
Remove Disease53750
Remove Fear21100
Remove Paralysis32300
Resistance (non-paladin)50125
Resistance (paladin)51250
Resist Energy1021000
Resist Energy (ranger)101500
Lesser Restoration (cleric / druid)32300
Lesser Restoration (paladin)31150
See Invisibility (sorcerer / wizard)32300
See Invisibility (bard)33450
Shield of Faith51250
Shocking Grasp101500Creates Low Light Vision potion
Summon Creature I51250
Summon Creature II32300
Summon Creature III53750
True Strike51250
Virtue (cleric / druid)1025
Virtue (paladin)1150