Bluff helps the character make the outrageous seem true. The skill encompasses fast-talking, conning, acting, and misdirection through words or body language.

Modifying ability: Charisma

Classes: Bard, Rogue, Sorcerer, Swashbuckler, Warlock; Arcane trickster, Assassin, Duelist, Harper agent, Invisible blade, Red Wizard of Thay, Shadow Thief of Amn, Shadowdancer

Requires training: No

Check: Bluff checks occur in conversation in NWN2, usually against a set DC in order to be successful and make the person believe what you are saying (usually the more implausible or outrageous the claim - or the wiser the person you are lying to is - the higher the DC will be). The skill can also be used in combination with feint to mislead your opponent, allowing you to catch them flat-footed.

Special: The master of a spider familiar gains a +3 bonus on bluff checks; Rangers receive +1/five levels to Bluff checks against their favored enemy; Tieflings and half-elves receive +2 racial bonuses to their bluff checks.

Use: Selected (Conversation and Combat)

DnD 3.5 comparison[]

  • Sense motive, the skill which normally opposes bluff, does not appear in NWN2.

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