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"The dragon has dramatic frilled ears, azure-tinged scales, and a single massive horn emerging from its snout. The smell of ozone lingers in the air near the dragon."

Blue dragons are orderly creatures and are unusual for chromatics in that they keep fairly well-ordered, hierarchical societies. They are more likely to be mocking and manipulative than outrightly cruel or murderous to 'lesser' creatures, aided greatly by their natural talents with illusion magic. They are infamous for tricking desert travelers into drinking sand or going miles out of their way to avoid nonexistent dust basins. Blue dragons are physically distinguished by the single large horns protruding from their heads and also by their ears, which are rather large and frilled. The tail is thick and bumpy, like that of a caterpillar. The wings are more pronounced than most other species'. They smell like electricity or sand.

The typical blue dragon lair is dug into one of the towering rock formations that dominate desert landscapes. As with all dragon lairs, the blue dragon's lair will have two entrances: one at ground level and hidden by the sand, and one opening onto a high ledge on which it can perch and survey its territory. Each lair also has a large subterranean cavern with a large pool of water and a sandy beach, which its inhabitant will use for drinking and relaxation. A blue dragon’s scales vary in color from an iridescent azure to a deep indigo, polished to a glossy finish by blowing desert sands. The size of its scales increases little as the dragon ages, although they do become thicker and harder. Its hide tends to hum and crackle faintly with built-up static electricity. These effects intensify when the dragon is angry or about to attack, giving off an odor of ozone and sand. Their vibrant color makes blue dragons easy to spot in barren desert surroundings. However, they often burrow into the sand so only part of their heads are exposed.

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  • Blue dragons were added with Mask of the Betrayer expansion.
  • The blue dragons in NWN2 are by default considered "mature adult" dragons by age.
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