Is blessweapon
Bless Weapon
Spell Information
Spell level : Innate level: 1, Paladin: 1
School : Transmutation
Descriptor(s) : Weapon Enchantment
Components : Verbal and Somatic
Range : Touch
Target/Area : Creature or melee weapon
Duration : 1 min. * cLevel
10 Rounds(cLevel).
Save : None
Spell resistance : No


You empower the touched melee weapon with a +1 piercing damage bonus vs. evil, and a 2d6 magic damage bonus vs. undead. The weapon is also considered to be good-aligned for purposes of damage reduction. You can also target another creature to enchant its equipped melee weapon.

Bug Notes Edit

Line 78: The description states "60 seconds / level" yet the spell script uses 2 * nCasterLevel for determining duration used.

Line 80: This spell doesn't use the NWN2 ApplyMetamagicDurationMods() and ApplyMetamagicDurationTypeMods() functions.

Line 86: As with Bless, this spell has a section for blessing bolts.

Line 67: GetItemPossessor(oMyWeapon) may be invalid, if the item the spell is cast on is an object on the ground. Signalling the event at the caster (to validate "success") would be better, when the item possessor is invalid.

Line 108: GetItemPossessor(oMyWeapon) might be invalid, if cast on an item on the ground. The visual effect shouldn't be attempted to be used if this is the case.

Gameplay Notes Edit

The bonuses will not expire when the character rests. Instead, they apply whenever the weapon is equipped and last the duration of the spell.

This spell is arguably not worthwhile if the only bonus is +1 to hit and damage against evil, which for a level 1 Paladin spell doesn't compare to Magic Weapon and especially not Divine Favor. It is however a powerful enchantment for a melee weapon against undead. It is generally the best Paladin spell to use for undead slaying, and can help overcome some Damage Reductions; for example, demons may have DR, except against good-aligned weapons.