Type of feat
Invisible Blade level 1
Required for

At 1st level, when an Invisible Blade hits with a successful sneak attack, he inflicts a bleeding wound that deals 2 points of damage per round for 3 rounds. This damage stacks with previous damage caused by a Bleeding Wound attack. He must be either unarmed or wielding only light weapons in order to inflict a Bleeding Wound. At 3rd level, the damage increases to 4 per round, and at 5th level, it increases to 6 points per round. Each level of Bleeding Wound counts as one die of sneak attack damage for purposes of class and feat prerequisites.


Gameplay Notes[]

  • Regardless of the class prerequisites, an Invisible Blade can use any melee light weapon sized small or tiny to cause a bleeding wound (e.g. a light hammer, handaxe or shortsword can be used, but not a rapier)
  • Small races can only use tiny weapons to cause bleeding wounds (a Monk's unarmed strike is considered a tiny weapon with a small race)
  • Damage Resistance works against bleeding damage, although it's not clear if that's intended or if it's a bug
  • Bleed damage is based on weapon type and material held at the time of the bleed damage, not (necessarily) what was actually used to inflict the wound. As combatants may freely switch from one weapon to another while fighting, this may make a difference when facing opponents with certain types of damage reduction (e.g. unarmed Blunt bleeding damage to Skeletons, Adamantine to some others)
  • Opponents immune to critical hits ignore damage from Bleeding wound unless the attacker also has the Epic Precision feat, in which case full damage may be delivered