Is bigbyforce
Bigby's Forceful Hand
Spell Information
Spell level : Innate level: 6, Sorcerer/Wizard: 6
School : Evocation
Components : Verbal and Somatic
Range : Long
Target/Area : Single
Duration : 6 sec. * cLevel
1 Round (cLevel).
Save : None
Spell resistance : Yes

Description Edit

A giant hand appears and attempts to bull rush one target. The hand gains a +14 bonus on its Strength check. A target that is bull rushed is knocked down and is dazed for the duration of the spell.

Bug Notes Edit


Line 45: This spell doesn't use the NWN2 ApplyMetamagicDurationMods() and ApplyMetamagicDurationTypeMods() functions.

Working Notes Edit

Bull Rush works like this:

Caster Roll: 1d20 + 14
Defender Roll: 1d20 + Strength Modifier + Size Modifier

The caster needs to equal or beat the defender's roll to be successful.

Note: The +14 comes from the 3.5E description: +8 for Strength 27, +4 for being Large, and a +2 bonus for charging, which it always gets.

Note 2: The size modifier is +8 for huge, +4 for large, +0 for medium, -4 for small, -8 for tiny.

Gameplay Notes Edit

This spell will daze and knock down the target at the same time. If they are immune to one of the effects, the other one still takes place.

The duration, while short, can be highly effective against any low strength character. Unlike the 3.5E rules for Bull Rush attempts, which push back a target, this is a single bull rush which knocks down the target for the duration. The 3.5E spell likely would need to be redirected to work properly, bull rushing a target each round.

Against a low strength character, except those with magical defences, works extremely well. A human rogue with a strength score of 12 will get 1d20 + 1 bonus as his roll. The attackers roll would be d20 + 14. This big difference means the target is very likely to be knocked down for the duration.

This spell also works very well against a high strength character. A 38 strength is required to obtain a +14 strength bonus, which will give just under a 50% chance of resisting this spell. A 50 strength will still be defeated 28% of the time.

Against a larger amount of creatures, this spell is less beneficial, but against single targets it can work wonders.

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