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Balagarn's Iron Horn
Spell Information
Spell level : Innate level: 2, Bard: 1, Sorcerer/Wizard: 2
School : Transmutation
Descriptor(s) : Sonic
Components : Verbal and Somatic
Range : Cone, 20 ft.
Target/Area : Spell Cone
Duration : Instantaneous
Save : Special, see text
Spell resistance : Yes

Description[edit | edit source]

You create a deep, resonant vibration that shakes all creatures in the area of effect and knocks them off their feet if they fail an opposed Strength check (the spell has an effective Strength of 20). Creatures that fail the check are knocked prone for one round.

Gameplay Notes[edit | edit source]

The "opposed Strength check" is an ability score check, not an ability modifier check. You have a good chance of knocking down things <= 15 in strength, and it'd be a lot harder against people with 25 or more. The only case where you cannot knock a target down by luck, is if the target has 40 or more strength, since 40 + 1 cannot be beaten by 20 + 20. Very few creatures have 40 strength however.

This can be taken to be a bit unbalancing against some casters, which at a strength score of around 10 would mean they get knocked down a lot more - and no save means it cannot easily be resisted. Spell Resistance and mantles still apply however, meaning Globes of Invulnerability help.

It is also good against other low strength targets, such as Rogues.

Immunity to Knockdown and its effects renders the target immune to this spell.

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