Type of feat
Metamagic, Epic
Character 21, Still Spell, Spellcraft 27, ability to cast 9th level spells
Required for

This feat allows the character to cast all spells of a given level range as stilled spells without using higher-level spell slots, eliminating somatic spell failure entirely. This feat may be taken multiple times, as shown:

  • Automatic Still Spell I: Cast any level 0 - 3 spell as still spell,
  • Automatic Still Spell II: Cast any level 4 - 6 spell as still spell,
  • Automatic Still Spell III: Cast any level 7 - 9 spell as still spell.

Gameplay Notes Edit

Note that this feat is based on the spell's occupied slot, rather than the spell's level. For example, an Empowered Flame Arrow still technically counts as a level 3 spell, but occupies a level 5 slot (or a level 4 slot, if the caster has the Arcane Scholar's Practical Empower Spell). So one would need need Automatic Still Spell 0th-6th, in order to auto-still an Empowered Flame Arrow.