Type of feat
Metamagic, Epic
Character 21, Quicken Spell, Spellcraft 30, ability to cast 9th level spells
Required for

This feat allows the character to cast spells with a moment of thought. This feat may be taken multiple times, as shown:

  • Automatic Quicken Spell I: Quicken any level 0 - 1 spells
  • Automatic Quicken Spell II: Quicken any level 2 spells
  • Automatic Quicken Spell III: Quicken any level 3 spells

3.5 Rules ComparisonEdit

In D&D 3.5 taking this feat once causes spell's in spellslots 0 - 3 to be quickened and taking it a second and third time quickends spells of grade 4 - 6 and 7 - 9. The prerequisites are the same as in NWN2.

Compared to it's Pen and Paper variant, this feat is a bad joke. Storm of Zehir appears to have added Automatic Quicken Spell feats up to 0 - 9, regardless of whether they have been added to the list of available feats or not.

SRD: Automatic Quicken Spell