A character's armor protects him in combat and is worn in the Armor slot of your inventory screen. All armor belongs to either light armor, medium armor, heavy armor or clothing. Heavier armor provides more protection, but also weigh more and will trouble arcane spellcasters and characters with a high dexterity score.

Armor properties[]

Base armor class: Is added to the character's total armor class. Ranges from 0 to 8. Some material may increase this amount.

Armor check penalty: Reduces certain dexterity-based skills. Ranges from -7 to 0. Mithral armor has this reduced by 3.

Maximum dexterity bonus: Limits the AC bonus from dexterity. Ranges from 0 to 8, except for clothing. Mithral increases this by 2 (except for half-plate, which only gets +1).

Armor type: Light armor, medium armor, heavy armor or clothing. Except for clothing, one must be proficient with the armor's type to wear it. Mithral armor is treated as one rank lower.

Arcane spell failure: A chance to fail any arcane spell cast with a somatic component. Ranges from 0% to 40%. Bards and warlocks suffer no arcane spell failure from light armor. Mithral armor has this reduced.

Clothing has no armor check penalty, maximum dexterity bonus, or arcane spell failure.

Armor statistics[]

Armor Armor Type Armor class Maximum dex bonus Armor check penalty Arcane spell failure
Clothing N/A 0 N/A 0 0%
Padded armor Light 1 8 0 5%
Leather armor Light 2 6 0 10%
Studded leather armor Light 3 5 -1 15%
Chain shirt Light 4 4 -2 20%
Hide armor Medium 3 4 -3 20%
Scale mail Medium 4 3 -4 25%
Chainmail Medium 5 2 -5 30%
Breastplate Medium 5 3 -4 25%
Splint mail Heavy 6 0 -7 40%
Banded mail Heavy 6 1 -6 35%
Half-plate Heavy 7 0 -7 40%
Full plate Heavy 8 1 -6 35%

Other armor pieces[]

Armor Class additions[]

STACKABLE means additional to its singular type. There are six Different types of additions which can stack with each other and (sometimes) themselves.

  1. Armor bonus to AC: from armor, spell or a magical effect is additional AC that is added to the BASE Armor Class of your armor. UN-STACKABLE.
  2. Shield bonus to AC: from spells and feats; it is additional AC that is added to the BASE Armor Class of your shield. UNSTACKABLE (with some exceptions).
  3. Natural armor bonus: from amulets, spells & feats UN-STACKABLE
  4. Deflection bonus: applies against ALL other attacks including touch attacks. UN-STACKABLE
  5. Dodge Bonus: from boots, spells, feats & songs; it applies against ALL other attacks, including touch attacks, but not while flat footed. STACKABLE (with some exceptions)
  6. Unarmored armor bonus: is additional AC added by certain persistent feats or combat modes; it applies against ALL other attacks, including touch attacks and while flat footed. STACKABLE.

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Modding notes[]

  • Armor is customizable in NWN2, allowing the mod community to actually build its own custom armor pieces. [1]