Many spells cause an area and its creatures to be affected in some way. When targeting area of effect spells, the respective size will be highlighted on the ground. These sizes are generally described with words such as Huge and Colossal, and use meters as a distance unit (where 1 meter equals 3.208 feet).

Area Meter Feet
Small 1.524 m ~5 ft
Medium 3.048 m ~10 ft
Large 4.572 m ~15 ft
Huge 6.069 m ~20 ft
Gargantuan 7.620 m ~25 ft
Colossal 9.144 m ~30 ft
Tremendous 12.191 m ~40 ft
Ginormous 15.240 m ~50 ft
Vast 18.288 m ~60 ft
Astronomic 24.384 m ~80 ft


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