character creation screen

There is no face generator in NWN2. Appearance customization is handled by selecting a base head, then choosing hairstyle and facial hair and tinting it.

In the official campaign skin and hair colour palettes are limited to specific subraces, i.e it is impossible to create a drow with red skin and green hair. (Antony Davis, Official NWN2 forums)

Humans will have around 15 base heads, half-orcs 6 heads, elves 6 heads, dwarves 6 heads, half-elves 6 heads and sub-races will have between 3 and 6 heads each. There are between 10 and 25 hair and/or facial hair combinations. (ALFA A-Kon report )

Hair can be a little longer than shoulder length. Dwarven beards are all around chest length.(ALFA A-Kon report)