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Ig ao


Alias(es): The Overgod
Power: Overgod
Pantheon: Faerûnian pantheon
Symbol: None
Alignment: True neutral
Cleric alignment: None
Portfolio: Creation of deities, maintenance of cosmic balance, portfolio distribution
Worshippers: Technically anyone
Canon NWN2 domains:
Favoured weapon (NWN2): Longsword
Canon favoured weapon: None
Allies: None
Enemies: None

While the inhabitants of the Realms are aware of Ao's existence, there is little reason for them to call on him or seek his words of wisdom which would be unforthcoming in any case.

Ao lies beyond the bounds of rankings of deities' powers in any way. He is considered more powerful than any other god and all gods combined. Ao has little concern for day-to-day mortal life, but he regards the gods of the Realms as his creations. He requires no worshippers and grants no spells to mortals. It is doubtful that he even listens to mortal prayers or pleas. He serves as a watcher and a guardian over the Realms from outside of its cosmos.

Ao may promote any sentient being into stature of godhood instantly if it accepts the responsibilities and duties of the divine state, and he may also demote a deity at will.

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