Type of feat
Required for

+2 bonus to Spot and Listen checks due to finely tuned senses


Notes[edit | edit source]

  • A Boar animal companion receives Alertness for free at 1st level. Wizards and sorcerers get this feat temporarily while their familiar is summoned.
  • Yuan-ti Purebloods receive Alertness for free as a racial feat.
  • The Spirit Shaman base class receives this feat for free at 1st level, as part of the shaman's Spirit Guide ability. Add the fact that Spirit Shamans have Diplomacy, Lore, and Survival as class skills, and the Spirit Shaman is arguably the base class best suited for the Harper Agent prestige class.
  • This feat will allow certain PrCs to continue spell progression in both arcane and divine classes (this bug is still present as of patch v1.23).[1]
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