What are Adventure Packs[]

Adventure Packs are basically new adventures that are made available through online stores or special offers like the Neverwinter Nights 2 Gold Edition. Like the Premium Modules that Bioware had developed and distributed through their own online store, Adventure Packs allow players to enjoy new content and roleplaying experiences.

Unlike Premium Modules, Adventure Packs are entire campaigns rather than just one module and therefore offer hours of gameplay. Thus far they exclusively take place in the Forgotten Realms campaign world.

List of Adventure Packs[]

The first adventure pack to Neverwinter Nights 2 (NWN2) is Mysteries of Westgate (MOW). It has recently been released and is available for purchase and download on the developers website. It was developed by Ossian Studios. This title was completed and ready for release since Q4 of 2007, but unfortunately it was delayed due to work on the DRM and finally saw release in May 2009.

Mysteries of Westgate[]

The story centers around a cursed mask the player looted from some not further mentioned dungeon he visited in the past and his ordeal to get rid of it. The mask itself, a domino mask, is the symbol of the Nightmasks - a band of thieves that rule the underworld of the infamous city Westgate. After many attempts to free himself of the mask (and the nightmares it torments the player) a great sage points him toward Westgate in order to find a cure.

The player begins the game by either importing their character from Neverwinter Nights 2 or creating a new one that starts at character level 8.[1]

DRM Used in Adventure Packs[]

Adventure packs are not going to be released until Obsidian adds DRM to 1.20, which will keep the modules locked and unplayable without purchase