The Academy of Shapers and Binders is a Red Wizard academy in the Thaymount, dedicated to transmutation. Its motto is "Nothing is immutable."

Mask of the Betrayer[]

The Academy is a school for transmuters. Safiya was an instructor there, and her mother Nefris was the headmistress. Unlike most other Thayan institutions, this place was relatively mild, though it has its fair share of unscrupulous students and instructors. At the time of the MotB campaign, it comes under a coup led by Araman.

The PC ultimately must travel to the academy in search of answers concerning what Nefris & Lienna had done to him/her. Though there were bodies of slain the halls, some classes continued despite the coup. With the help of Safiya's mentor, Master Djalfi, the player manages to find a doorway to the Astral Plane in the headmistress' tower, leading to Myrkul's god-isle. After confronting him and learning more about the curse, a nearby portal led to the Founder's Sanctum.

There, Araman's minions were closing in on her. Eventually the player catches up to him, and he is ultimately slain before reaching the Founder. Upon confronting the Founder, she reveals she was behind all the events that led the player to Rashemen - and to the spirit eater. She revealed that she created the academy as part of her plan to free Akachi from the curse, and had created Nefris, Lienna, and Safiya from fragments of her soul. She was unaware of Araman's devotion to Myrkul's last tasks, and had allowed him to join the academy because she only remembered him as Akachi's shy younger brother. She presents the player with a fully restored Silver Sword of Gith, stating that the only the player can restore himself/herself, and Akachi, is to enter the Betrayer's Gate and launch a third crusade to assault the Wall of the Faithless.

She admits to being guilty of all her crimes she had committed against the PC, and the player can choose to spare her life or kill her.