Able Learner allows a character to use skill points with more efficiency in cross-class skills.

NWN2 Able Learner[]

Type: General

Prerequisite: None

Benefit: Ranks can be taken in cross-class skills at a cost of 1 skill point per rank taken.

Gameplay Notes[]

Normally you require two points to raise a rank in a cross-class skill, so this effectively makes it as if you had the skill as a class skill - although it still retains the upper limit of skill with it.

When a character levels, skill points are alotted before feats are chosen, so Able Learner has no immediate effect. It is unknown if this is intentional behaviour or even if the feat would be in effect for the levelling process if chosen before the skills were picked.

It is an excellent skill for high skill point characters such as rogues, so they can diversify their skills.

NWN comparison[]

  • This feat did not exist in NWN.

Related rules[]

  • Able learner does not change the maximum skill rank which can be taken for a skill which = (Character Level + 3) for class skills and (Character Level + 3) / 2 [rounded down] for cross-class skills.
  • Able learner does not change whether a skill is a class skill or a cross-class skill.
  • NWN2 does consider all the character's classes when determining the maximum skill rank for a skill, which means that for multi-classed characters if a skill is a class skill for any of their classes the maximum ranks are calculated as though the skill is a class skill.
  • In 3.5 rules the feat required that you be Human (or Shapeshifter) - though in NWN2 this is not a requirement. Any race is able to take this feat in NWN2.
  • In 3.5 rules the feat can only be taken at level 1. In NWN2 it can be taken any time.