2DA is the abbreviation for "Two Dimensional Array", a text file that contains data the game needs in order to handle some aspect of its functions. 2DAs are very easy to edit*, the only requirement is a simple text editor, such as Notepad. The only things to do are changing the content, saving the changes into the Overridefolder, and firing up the game to see the results. 2DAs originated from Infinity Engine games like Baldur's Gate.

For specific technical information on the file format of 2da files, see the official documentation located here:

Warnings Edit

  • Tabs should be converted into spaces. (Alurihl: NWN2 reads 2DA with Tab separator!!!)
  • Columns are not essential, but help reading the file; The only requirement is a space between fields.
  • Spaces can be included into a string by enclosing them with quotation marks (" "), avoiding the requirement of a StringRef to a TLK.
  • Leaving a field blank using multiple spaces is not recognized correctly, use **** to note a field as blank.
    LABEL                STRINGREF      MODEL
745 Creature             46656          c_creature
746 "Some Creature"      ****           c_somecreature
747 Some_OtherCreature   46657          c_othercreature

  • 2DA changes are based server sided. Custom changes to 2DAs are overridden by the server in a multiplayer session.
  • 2DA hakpacks override 2DAs in the Override folder.

Server side override and hakpack override based on speculation

List of 2DAs Edit

ambientmusic.2daDefines music used in game..
appearance.2daDefines character models and assigns them to a number.
baseitems.2daDefines items used in game.
chargenclothes.2daList of clothes that the class wears after the character creation
classes.2daDefines character classes and their tablefiles.
cls_atk_*.2daBase Attack Bonus of the class
cls_bfeat_*.2daList of how many bonus feats the class takes at each level. Fighters are a good example of a class with bonus feats
cls_feat_*.2daList of which feats the class can learn
cls_savthr_*.2daBase Saving Throws the class gets at each level
cls_skill_*.2daClass' Skills
cls_spgn_*.2daNumber of available spells for class/spell
cls_spkn_*.2daNumber of spells knew for class/spellincantesimo
cls_spon_*.2daList of Spontaneous Spells of the class by level
cls_pres_*.2daPrerequisites for a Prestige Class
domains.2daList of Domains
feat.2daDefines all feats, their requirements and what they do
nx2_crafting.2daNX2-SoZ Crafting Recipes
nx2_enchanting.2daNX2-SoZ Enchanting Recipes
packages.2daStarting packages. List of what a class has in the inventory, suggested skills, feats and so on for the class (each line is a 'model'). Links the pack*.2da files below into a single package.
packeq*.2daBase objects in the PC's inventory when created
packft*.2daSuggested feats for the class
packsk*.2daSuggested skills for the class
packsp*.2daSuggested spells for the class
skills.2daSkills used in-game
spells.2daSpells used in-game
soundset.2daVoice sets used in-game
spellschools.2daList of Schools of Magic
racialtypes.2daDefines races and their tablefiles
racialsubtypes.2daDefines subraces and their tablefiles
des_crft_drop.2daDefines the set of droppable crafting items
des_treas_items.2dalists all the special items
des_treas_gold.2da"Gold" treasure table

More 2DAs do exist, but these are the most essential ones for characters.

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